Friday, March 11, 2011

Memory Lane

Today was such a walk down memory lane for us! Ansley had her first chorus festival, and it was held in Cumming, where we lived when we were first married. First, both of our middle school choruses (6th/7th and 8th grade) did a great job! (We have no idea what they scored though because we left before we found out.) It turn out Logan was in chorus through middle and high school (How did I not know this?!?), so the performance brought back some great memories for him.

We drove by our first home, which has been changed somewhat since we lived there, and we admired the Bradford Pear that we planted. It is huge now and was in full bloom! We also ended up driving through Dahlonega, past NGC&SU where I got my Master's, and then by both the Kindergarten Building and the elementary school (LCES) where I taught for six years. Such wonderful memories!

The girls probably felt like my brother, sister, and I did as kids driving through Atlanta, going by Tech, the V, and 1st Atlanta Bank, when my parents drove us down their memory lane. Hoepfully the girls will have fond memorie of our old stomping grounds too.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saying Goodbye

Today, Logan's Uncle Gordon will be laid to rest. He passed away Wednesday after being really sick. Our sympathies go out to Greg and Brian, who have now lost both their parents. Now Uncle Joe is the only brother (of the five) left, and everyone really feels this loss. We love you, Uncle Gordon, and will miss you!

Friday, March 4, 2011


Ansley will be heading out soon on the 4-H bus to go to Rock Eagle for the weekend for 4-H DPA (District Project Achievement). In 6th and 5th grades (at right) DPA was held at our local middle school, but now as a Junior 4-Her, she's away for the weekend with the other Jr. & Sr. DPA participants. Her project this year is about hypnotherapy.

She was pretty nervous about DPA and being gone for the weekend, but at the same time super-excited to be going away for DPA! One of her girlfriends painted matching shirts for them to wear Friday, and she had to pack certain things so that they would all match over the weekend. Ahh, I remember the days when my cousin Beth and I would plan to wear matching outfits! I know there are several photos of us in my parents' photo drawers/boxes of us in our matching ensembles.

But I digress... The sweetest thing was that as I was helping Ansley pack, she asked if I was going to write some notes and tuck them into her suitcase. Of course I am! How could I not continue a tradition that she obviously loves?

We love you, Ansley, and wish you the best at DPA! You've prepared a great speech and practiced it well, so go show the judges your knowledge, poise, and confidence! We're cheering you on from home. We love you!

EDIT: Ansley came in 3rd place in her category! Way to go!