Sunday, June 19, 2016

MSC Orchestra

We're seeing the Adriatic sea on the MSC Orchestra, and you can view our ship and webcam HERE.

Our itinerary:
Day 1: Depart Venice.
Day 2: Bari, Italy
Day 3: Olympia, Greece
Day 4: Santorini
Day 5: Piraeus (where we will visit Athens)
Day 6: Corfu
Day 7: Kotor, Montenegro
Day 8: Return to Venice.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

MSC Opera

Today we're boarding the beautiful MSC Opera to cruise to Berlin and then through Norway.  You can find the MSC Opera webcam HERE (just scroll down; it also includes a map of our location).

We've never cruised MSC before so we look forward to this experience, but most especially all the amazing places we're going to visit.

Our itinerary:
Day 1: Depart Copenhagen
Day 2: Warnemunde, Germany (where we've booked a shore excursion to Berlin)
Day 3: At sea
Day 4: Bergen, Norway (and Ansley's birthday!)
Day 5: Hellesylt
Day 6: Flaam
Day 7: At sea
Day 8: Return to Copenhagen (and then we fly to Venice for our next cruise!)

If I can, I will update with some ship pictures!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Europe 2016

We have been planning for months and are taking the girls to Europe for a month!  I am "reactivating" this blog to be able to chronicle our journey.  Some posts are prewritten and will hopefully be edited as we travel, and others will be written on the fly.  Feel free to join us!  The journey begins Monday, June 6!

If you follow me on Instagram (inkyscrapper) then when I am able I will be posting my #photoaday of my favorite shot of the journey that day.  I may not have internet access each day, but they will get taken and (eventually) posted.  Feel free to come along for the ride!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

New York Day 2

Here are the other pictures I was able to upload from our UCHS Band/Chorus trip to NYC.

Grand Central Station

After our Radio City Music Hall tour, we went to Lincoln Center.

Lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe

Shopping in Times Square

New York Day 1

Highlights from our loooong first day in New York!  (One of our buses broke down in Asheville so we had an extra six+ hours added to the journey.)
Yes, this is actually DC as we drove through Thursday morning!

My awesome seat mate, roommate, and sister-in-law!  The four female adults (Grammie, Aunt Amy, Faith, and me) accompanied our three girls Ansley, Macey, and Lil Haley.

We were able to make our reservation at the 9/11 Memorial when we arrived in the Big Apple.  It was incredibly moving.