Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dell Review

As many of you know, my computer crashed. Dell tech support has been very helpful, even if the gentlemen I've spoken with have been a bit hard to understand. They have all been very patient. I wish that I had not let the first guy talk me in to restoring my computer to the factory settings when he suggested it. Before we did that, I could still access/use my pretty pink 'puter, and I wish that I had gone in and tried a few things of my own.

I more than likely got infected with some kind of contagious computer crud, probably on our trip up Nawth and back. FYI: Norton did not catch it because somehow it got disabled. (I had just figured that out before I called Dell.)

Long story short and many $$ later (because of course the warranty had just expired a few weeks earlier unbeknownst to me), I have a new hard drive and everything seems to be working properly. (Yes, I did purchase the three-year extended warranty!)

Yesterday afternoon, I received a call from an 800 # so I almost didn't answer it. It turned out to be Dell support, just calling to make sure that everything was okay. Funniest thing is that my touchpad has been acting a little squirrely. When I type, the cursor will randomly jump to some other part of the screen and my typing will continue there. It hasn't mattered what program, website, etc., that I've been using. My new BFF Manu helped me fix the problem by installing the correct driver for the touchpad. (Hmm, Rajdeed did NOT do that when he remotely accessed my computer Friday.) Thank you, Manu! And thank you also for giving me your personal extension number (voice mail available 24/7) in case I need you.

Today's experience has helped me revise my opinion of Dell and helped heal my bad attitude toward my bad pink 'puter. Happiness is a normal keyboard!

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Traveling Bells said...

Been there, done that. Fun it 'ain't!' I am not a happy camper when technology doesn't work. I had an issue with my nook for kids app last night. Twice:( Glad you are up and running and feeling very pinkish!...xo