Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween! Tonight was our town's "Hometown Halloween on the Square" where local businesses and organizations set up tables, the square is blocked to traffic, and the kids have a great time!

Ansley dressed up as Abby from NCIS, complete with Gotchic black hair and spider web "tattoo."

Federal Agent Macey kept us all safe and protected.

Lil Haley was a secret agent.

Sister Amy (the "nun") and Spiderman passed out candy at the SADD table (she is one of the sponsors of the organization). Batman joined us to trick-or-treat.

At the haunted house at Fort Sorghum, Batman got scared! (I learned that he is heavier than he looks since I had to carry him through it!) Little Spiderman loved it and went through four times along with Agent Macey.

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