Friday, June 3, 2016

Europe 2016

We have been planning for months and are taking the girls to Europe for a month!  I am "reactivating" this blog to be able to chronicle our journey.  Some posts are prewritten and will hopefully be edited as we travel, and others will be written on the fly.  Feel free to join us!  The journey begins Monday, June 6!

If you follow me on Instagram (inkyscrapper) then when I am able I will be posting my #photoaday of my favorite shot of the journey that day.  I may not have internet access each day, but they will get taken and (eventually) posted.  Feel free to come along for the ride!

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Joy said...

Oh, good, I was hoping you'd blog about your trip on this site. I have JUST gotten on instagram, will see if I can find you to follow there. (I really don't know what I'm doing with it yet!) Anyway, I know you'll have a wonderful trip and I'm looking forward to reading about it. Hugs to all!