Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sleepover Fun

My sister and her husband are celebrating their 10th anniversary by getting away for the weekend. The boys stayed with Nana Thursday night, us last night, and Uncle Brian tonight. Lucky guys!

Here they are jamming out on the recorders, clarinet, and guitar. What a racket! I mean, what sweet music! At bedtime, Alex did NOT want to go to sleep, so I ended up laying down with him in Ansley's bed (my former twin bed, BTW). Needless to say, Aunt Haley fell asleep before he did! (The first time I returned to my bed was too early.)

In the morning (after Macey came it at 6:30 to let me know they were all up), Alex told me that he had wanted me to sleep with him the whole night. Yeah, but so did Uncle Logan! Who knew I was such a popular gal? Don't be fooled by Will in this photo; he is NOT asleep!

Alex had a soccer game, and we got to the gym at about 8:45 (the 2nd team player to arrive! Yay me!). I was very impressed that all the players and coaches circle up, hold hands, and say a prayer before each game. (Upward Sports is sponsored by some of our local churches.)

Number 6 may not make it to the World Cup, but most of us had a good time!
Then, this afternoon, at a balmy 67 degrees (and nine days ago was a snow day...), we went for a pontoon boat ride! Our mission was to search for the missing dock float that we didn't find. :(
The girls have been wanting to go see the Justin Bieber movie, so I agreed to take them. Since I really don't have "Bieber Fever," I opted to sit in the car for the duration of the movie (with my popcorn and book). Lo and behold, though, Faith and her daughter Haley arrived to see the movie, so she offered to bring the girls home. Twist my arm! They really did enjoy the movie, so it's a hit with the tween crowd.

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Traveling Bells said...

Awww, Grammie misses all those sweet kiddos! xoxoxo to all:)