Sunday, March 10, 2013

More "Landscaping"

When we got home from school Friday, we found even more trees gone.

Uh oh!  The dead pines from across the driveway fell onto the rhododendrun bush.  Dad said it was either the house, the bush, or the men.  I'm not sure Macey thinks that he made the best choice.
We're not sure any of the bush will make it, but at least the pine limbs and broken limbs have been removed.
 Here's where the vicious pine stood.
Then, yesterday we had a young fellow come and work for a few hours, and all the front bushes are gone.  He even moved some of my daffodils (which may or may not make it but at least we tried).  Hopefully I can get the few daylillies peeking up transplanted somewhere safe too, but I only see one or two little shoots.  Since I know where several are, I may just move whatever I can find down deep in the soil.

We also managed to fill a box trailer FULL of boxes, chairs, and a few small odd pieces of furniture.  We got everything unloaded Saturday afternoon and are working toward filling the trailer again.  Whew, I'm tired!

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