Sunday, March 17, 2013

Update 3/17

When we got home from school Friday, the dining room and play room were almost completely empty!  Logan has hired a former student of mine (who is now a senior) to help from time to time, and the two of them removed most of the furniture.  The girls and I finished cleaning off the book case, etc., this weekend.

You may recall that Macey was teribbly upset about how many trees that had to be cut down.  As luck (Serendipity? Coincidence? Prayer?) would have it, BJ received trees in the mail yesterday as a gift for her donation to the Arbor Day Foundation.  She gave them to us, and with Logan's assistance, we got all 12 planted today.  (Our plan is to transplate them in a year or two to more favorable locations around the house.  Hopefully they will live!)

There's nothing like "going green" for St. Patrick's day!

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