Thursday, January 13, 2011

Book Review: "Hothouse Orchid" by Stuart Woods

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"A brand-new page-turning Holly Barker novel from the perennially entertaining New York Times-bestselling author Stuart Woods.

"After Special Agent Holly Barker lets international terrorist Teddy Fay slip through her fingers for a second time, the CIA thinks she might want a long vacation, at least until Teddy is captured and the bad publicity has blown over. So Holly returns to her hometown of Orchid Beach, Florida, where she had been police chief for many years. But a very unpleasant surprise awaits her. Many years earlier, Holly and another female army officer had brought charges against their commanding officer for sexual harassment, attempted rape, and rape. Holly had managed to fight him off, but the other woman, a young lieutenant, had not. The officer in question was acquitted of all charges, and has also left the army-for a job as Orchid Beach's new police chief.

"Will Holly return to the CIA? Or will she challenge her old nemesis for control of the Orchid Beach Police Department?"
If you've read the Holly Barker novels up to this one, then you will definitely want to continue the saga. It wasn't as nail-biting as I had hoped, but I did enjoy reading it.

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Traveling Bells said...

I have that on my to-read list:) Just started a Baldacchi last night...