Monday, January 17, 2011

Pink Eye

NOTE: Ansley is very embarrassed by this although we keep telling her that there is no reason at all to be embarrassed!

Last week, Ansley's right eye was bothering her a bit. We thought maybe a sty was developing, so we applied a warm compress every so often and OTC eye drops as needed. Off we went with life in general.

Saturday morning, she woke up to a horribly red eye and a bit of goop. We decided that we'd better not mess around with this, so off to the Clinic at Wal-Mart (run by Union General and friend Dr. Debora). The nurse was great. She checked Ansley's eye for abrasions or foreign objects, with a black light after adding some eye drops first. You should have seen that eyeball glow! No problems there, so probably bacterial pink eye since the problem was relegated to one eye only. Start a round of antibiotic eye drops and if things don't improve, take her to the eye doctor. Oh, and by the way, she could be contagious for up to 24 hours after starting the eye drops.

We stayed home from church yesterday but would have gone to school today had it not been canceled due to the ice that is still lingering on the back roads (and our driveway). Her eye has cleared up some so we will wait and see about going to the eye doctor.

The good news is that she will go to the orthodontist this afternoon to get the wire that came off of the back left bracket over Christmas fixed. Whew. What a sentence. Hopefully it won't be any big deal at the ortho. Shouldn't be.

Also, today Logan went and had bloodwork done as part of his routine physical. I'm proud of him for taking better care of himself!

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Traveling Bells said...

Just the routine of life. At least the eye isn't too serious and is on the road to recovery.

We are about to get rain here any minute. It is so needed.

Miss y'all. Big hugs...