Monday, January 10, 2011

In Front of the Fire

School was cancelled last night for today (snow day #5) in anticipation of the snow and ice that was headed our way. We woke up to about 8" of snow- more than we had at Christmas! Fortunately it isn't too too cold (though it will be later in the week). It didn't really warm up though, so we're off school again tomorrow (snow day #6). It looks like we're quickly losing spring break! It's not expected to get above freezing all week so who knows when the snow and ice will leave. What a winter for us, and it's only January!

The last time Logan split wood for the wood heater, he cut some extra small pieces for our fireplace because he knows how much his girls enjoy a fire. The girls moved everything off the hearth so tonight we're enjoying the lovely glow and warmth of the fire. What a perfect way to spend the evening! I may have to go heat up the kettle for hot tea and cocoa. Mmmm!

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Sandy B said...

A crackling fire on a cold night is a nice thing. 76 degrees is even nicer:)